About Sydney Counselling Centre


Sydney Counselling Centre has been providing specialised counselling and support services since 1989.

The psychologists at the Sydney Counselling Centre have extensive experience in treating psychological conditions such as:

And many more. 



Since inception, our services have provided intensive assistance to hundreds of people who are long-term unemployed with multiple disadvantages including alcohol and substance abuse, criminal records, insecure living circumstances, psychological problems, violence, sexual abuse or trauma stories and extensive periods of custody.



Our Psychological Assessment and Intervention services have achieved a widely acknowledged professional reputation for the provision of quality specialist cognitive, educational and vocational assessments. We have been called on to provide consultative assistance to government departments (including Centrelink and the Department of Family and Community Services).

Other services in growing demand include our Employee Assistance Programs and Consulting Services.



We work closely with many universities, including the University of New South Wales, the University of Sydney, Macquarie University and the University of Western Sydney, collaborating with research programs and lectures and offering post-graduate clinical placement supervision.


Sydney Counselling Centre provides post-graduate internships focusing on clinical, forensic, neuropsychological and educational/developmental assessments, interventions and ongoing therapy services at Masters and Doctoral level.


Sydney Counselling Centre takes your privacy very seriously.

As a client, you are protected by both the law and our own strict policies. This means that information you supply to Sydney Counselling Centre will be treated as confidential. It may only be released to a third party with your authority, or in those limited cases where the law requires its release. Additionally, information you provide to one of our psychologists will only be made available to other staff who need to know in order to assist you.


For further information about this company, please contact:

Dr Gary K. Banks, Managing Director