Parents returning to work


Returning to work can be daunting for many parents. It is common to feel overwhelmed at the challenge of having parenting responsibilities as well as committing yourself to work. It is important to be proud of everything you have achieved as a parent. The skill of juggling so much at once as a parent is an essential skill for any workplace. The patience, insight and responsibility that come with parenthood are vital attributes in any role in any workplace.



 Here at STEPS we support parents returning to work. We assist you to help everything you have learnt after becoming a parent and ways you can transfer these skills and knowledge to a new job. We can also identify ways to update your skills for a new challenge.

An employment pathway plan you devise with your counsellor will set out your employment goals. It will identify old and recently acquired skills so that you can take the right steps to finding a job that is flexible to suit your family, or embarking on an entirely new and exciting career – or both!