Mature Age Worker

Did you know 30% of our client group who are already working are aged over 50?


If you are a mature aged jobseeker, STEPS will work with you to make sure that you start in and maintain the job that is right for you. STEPS employment counsellors understand that age discrimination is an issue for some mature aged people re-entering the workforce, despite anti-discrimination legislation. We will endeavour to ensure that employers are aware of their requirements and to make them aware of the benefits of taking on a new employee with years of work and life experience.


STEPS believes that retaining the skills of older workers is important to the Australian economy, and that they have a large range of skills gained from past jobs and life experiences. Mature aged workers adjust well to change, and with the right training can adapt well to new and dynamic workplaces in an information technology-orientated world. The Australian government has conducted research which shows many employers have come to recognise and value the stability, experience and knowledge that mature aged workers offer.



If you are a mature age worker and would like to re-enter the workforce, talk to your employment counsellor about how they can best aid you in finding work.

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