Executive Coaching and Assessment

What is executive coaching and assessment? 

The demand for executive coaching emerged from the corporate world in the late 1990s, and translated to an increasing interest in executive coaching as a psychological field in the early 2000s. Since then, the number of businesses employing psychologists to assist with performance improvement in their staff and leaders has consistently and dramatically increased. Though commonly associated with top-level executives in Fortune 500 and similar firms, a greater range of businesses - mid-level, local and family-owned - are utilising psychological interventions and psychometric testing in the initial evaluative phase of staff recruitment and enhancing corporate performance. 

Executive coaching generally helps the executive to identify his or her areas of relative strength and weakness and provide strategies for improving weaknesses. Other areas of focus can include coaching a newly-promoted employee in leadership and management strategies, assisting in the management of stress, anxiety or other mood difficulties, mediating conflict, or simply acting as a sounding board in difficult situations.  


Who would benefit?

Professionals and Executives who are seeking further coaching, mentoring and professional guidance.

Organisations looking to attract, build and develop the capabilities of their future leaders.


What is involved?

Individual coaching and mentoring programs, psychometric testing and assessment, organisational design and development and managing mental health in the workplace. We can also provide evalutation reports on employee suitability to Management and/or to Board members.


The benefits of a psychological approach

The market for executive coaching has seen consistently high growth over the last two decades, prompting a variety of consultants, academics and corporate businesspeople to offer executive coaching services. While these groups have seen some success in enhancing executive performance, often there are underlying psychological difficulties that someone who hasn't undergone six or more years of psychological training may not detect, or may downplay as character quirks. In most cases, this proves counterproductive for the client, and in some cases can be damaging to client mental health

At Sydney Counselling Centre, all of our staff are registered general, clinical or forensic psycholgists, and some specialise in developmental and executive performance improvement. Psychologists offering executive coaching services should have respect for and deep understanding of business and organisations, as well as an understanding of the extremely high demands placed upon those in leadership roles. 


The cost?

All programs are tailored for the individual and the organisation therefore fees are to be discussed upon inquiry.

Hourly rate from $200 per hour, and from $1,000 for psychometric testing and assessment (including report).


If you feel that executive coaching may benefit you, your business or your staff, call the Sydney Counselling Centre on (02) 9415 2223 for an appointment with one of our psychologists.