Forensic Psychology Services 

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Forensic Psychology at Sydney Counselling


The Sydney Counselling Centre has a number of staff qualified to carry out psychological assessments of individuals involved in legal matters. These staff are also experienced in providing expert testimony before the courts.

Psychological assessments are often required as part of the evaluation of many legal matters.

Family Law Court of Australia and the Federal Circuit Court of Australia

In both the Family Law Court of Australia and the Federal Circuit Court of Australia, parents and children (and sometimes other family members, such as grandparents or new partners) may need to undergo a Family Report to assist the Court in determining issues regarding 'Contact and Residence' as part of any divorce/custody proceedings. Referrals should come through the Family Law Court, the Federal Circuit Court or via lawyers representing individuals.


Children's Court

In the Children's Court, parents or caregivers and children may need to be assessed regarding possible allegations of physical, sexual or emotional abuse, or neglect of children. Adults who care for these children may also need to be involved in such assessments. Referrals should come through the NSW Children's Court Clinic, the NSW Department of Community Services or occasionally from legal representatives of the parties involved. 


District Court and Supreme Court 

In District Court and Supreme Court matters, individuals may need to be assessed after being injured or traumatised in motor vehicle, community-based or work-related accidents. Referrals should come through the solicitor representing the person.


Criminal Court

In the Criminal Court, assessments may be required regarding a person's ability to answer charges, or to assist the Court to understand some of the reasons that led to an individual being involved in a crime, in coming to sentencing determinations. Referrals should come from the Legal Aid Commission or the lawyer or barrister involved.



The Immigration Review Tribunal and/or the Administrative Appeals Tribunal can request psychological assessments to assist them in review of an individual's 'good character'. 



Psychological assessments are sometimes required to assist courts when Wills or Estates are being challenged. The courts may need to be provided with information about the level of need of particular family members as it determines the division of the estate. 



If you are interested in obtaining a psychological assessment and/or report as part of a legal case, call Sydney Counselling Centre on (02) 9415 2223 for an appointment with one of our psychologists.