Should Doli Incapax trump Presser?

Presented to the 2015 APS National College of Forensic Psychology Conference 

Dr Gary K. Banks and Ragini Mathur-Patel 

An alternative framework for the evaluation of criminal responsibility in defendants with intellectual disability/cognitive impairment. 

Presentation handout can be downloaded here. 



Iced Parents - Vulnerable Children 

Presented to the International Child Trauma Conference, Melbourne Convention Centre, 8th June 2016

Dr Gary K. Banks, Judge Peter Johnstone and Peiling Kong

Dr Banks has just concluded his presentation at Australian Childhood Foundation Trauma Conference on the impact of methamphetamine use on parenting. Presented to over 2000 attendees, many of whom are leaders in the fields of child trauma, attachment, parenting, family law, psychology and health. The slides from today's presentation can be viewed here.

Please note the presentation is not to be used in whole or part without permission.


The Benefit of Counselling as Treatment for Psychosis

There exists a great deal of evidence now, documenting the significant prevalence of psychotic disorders as well as mental health problems in the Australian community

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